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Since its conception in 2017, RAFOGOE Studio has engaged in the spheres of architecture, interior design and integrated design, with a focus on highly crafted residential and commercial spaces.
Its design philosophy is based on an evolutionary process, derived from beauty from form,with the economy and efficiency at its forefront.



RAFOGOE Studio believes that each project must belong to its place and time and inspire its users – and we have consistently sought to articulate these core values in all of our work. Through our design process, each project is explored, articulated and defined. We strive to push beyond the conventional standards of design and integrate sustainability via high-performance approaches that further align with the program and site.



Our product and design responds to the needs and resources of the contemporary world. The products we produce come from a detailed understanding of the functions they must fulfil, the conditions they have to provide and the materials from which they are constructed.


RAFOGOE Stuido, excels in consensus-building through idea sharing and charrettes.  We specialize in content development (via art installations, public sculpture, signage and site-specific work) and are well-versed in art program management. Furthermore, we organize and host art and design exhibitions, featuring artists and designers in Africa and in the diaspora.

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