Pope John High School Innovation + Incubation Center

Koforidua – Ghana

The Pojoss Legacy Project – an Innovation Incubation Center for Pope John Senior Secondary and Junior Seminary School in Koforidua, Ghana. Situated in the heart of the campus, the building will be a new landmark on campus.
The Innovation + Incubation Center which broke ground in early 2024 is designed as a public space to be experienced in its entirety both inside and outside. Incorporating sustainable methods like ramp earth construction along with other locally sourced materials, The building will serve as a beacon of modern innovation and will be EDGE certified.
The goal of this project is to provide a facility that will unearth and nurture budding talents that cut across business, the arts, and science education. The new building will have labs, classrooms, a meeting hall, conference rooms, and gallery spaces.
The aim is to create a cutting-edge educational space that blends art, architecture, and innovation on the campus of one of Ghana’s best schools.


Site Area:
Project Area:
Project Type:
Project Team:

Under Construction
2,700 Sq.FT.
5,000 Sq. FT.
Raphael Ogoe, Richard Adumuah, Titus Glover

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